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Klingon Academy Goodies:
  • IGN -
    - Star Trek Klingon Academy guide is Live 09-11-00
Klingon Academy Reviews:
  • PlayNOW -
    "...Klingon Academy is immersive and fun. 14 Degrees East has certainly delivered what was promised, and has done a fine job..." - 8/10
  • Pittsburgh Tribune -
    ST Klingon Academy Review 09-22-00
  • Game Bites -
    08.31.00 - "Klingon Academy is a very entertaining and well thought out spacecraft simulator."
  • GA-Source -
    "Are you a Star Trek fan? Then go out and buy this game. Maybe you’re not a Star Trek fan, but like a good sci-fi simulation? Then go out and buy this game. This is a game that really caters to both the fan and the initiate, and it does both equally well." - 92%
  • Game Pen -
    "Excellent capital ship simulation, incredible damage modeling, excellent acting, and Star Trek atmosphere"
    - 3 1/2 Stars
Klingon Academy Previews:
  • Game Fan -
    "STKA looks to give any “Star Trek” enthusiast the chance to play a Klingon captain, and the rest of us a very cool space simulation like no other."
  • PC IGN -
    - "The game has a very strong story element that's almost like a small movie in its own right." "The FMV is some of the best I've ever seen..."
    - "Sometimes it seems that the best thing you can say about a Star Trek game is that it's fun for people who don't particularly like Star Trek. That's certainly the case here."
    - "It's really great to see some thoughtful capital ship games coming out now…or at least coming out soon."
  • GamePower -
    GamePower 4-Lightning Bolt Award (4 lightning bolts out of four).
  • The Adrenaline Vault -
  • C|NET -
  • DailyRadar -
  • -

Klingon Academy Interviews:

  • Daily Radar -

Klingon Academy Fansites and other related links:

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  • Klingon Academy News -
  • Moonraker's Mod Page -
  • KA_Observer Web -
  • KA War Room -
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  • KA Alpha Quadrant -
  • Don's fighting starships of the twenty-third century -
  • Deevo's Domain - Klingon Academy -
  • Klingon Imperial Navy's Klingon Academy page -
  • Trekker 5's KA Page -
  • Star Trek Galaxy 4.0 -
  • Ironwulf's Lair (KA theme) -
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    International sites:
  • German Star Trek: Creative (German fan site) -
  • Portuguese site run by Thiago Baptista -
  • Chinese site run by Fuyu -
  • Star Trek Creative -

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