Realistic Blood, Realistic Violence        

Welcome to Klingon Academy
From: General Chang, Commandant of the Klingon Defense Forces Elite Command Academy
To: All New Students

   I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Elite Command Academy. As you are well aware, attendance at the Academy is by invitation only. We have no standardized tests, no entrance exams here. Your exemplary record of previous service aboard starships in the Imperial Navy has served as your only prerequisite for your acceptance to this institution. Upon examining your record and interviewing your commanding officers we selected you to join us because you have demonstrated the characteristics necessary for starship command. The instructors at this academy, every one of whom walked these halls as a student at one time, will either mold you into a fearless and deadly instrument to ensure the future of our Empire or break you and leave you behind. You may succeed, and success is rewarded with a command upon graduation, but most likely you will fail, which means dismissal and immediate return to your previous posting, but in either event your attendance here places you among a select group of the finest warriors in the Empire. Glory and honor to you, and your house.

    General Chang
     Commandant, KDF Elite Command Academy

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