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Instructor's Log
Personal Log, Brigadier K'mak

Begin log entry.

This term seems to be shaping up rather well. The weakest students are already failing, leaving me only the finest warriors to lead through our simulated trials. Thok Mak and the General have devised an excellent plan of attack against the Federation. I am sure that with this particular class of cadets it will succeed without error. If only the Federation properly appreciated battle and the rewards it brings as we do. Perhaps then they would be willing to face us. Oh well, it is good anyway that we continually sharpen our skills against their ships and tactics. The General is certain that war with the Federation is inevitable and I concur with his policy of total preparedness. One does not succeed against an opponent unless he knows that opponent. This entry is beginning to look suspiciously like a lecture. I wonder if my enthusiasm to instruct my cadets shows. As long as they give me the proper respect and obedience we shall work well as a team, and the execution of the plan will be flawless. In the face of such warriors, what enemy could stand in the way of us accomplishing our duty? It is time for me to lead my cadets through their next trial. I foresee that Cadet jeywI'be' will probably not last past this mission. I served with his father. It is a pity that jeywI'be' does not have his father's battle sense, but he does indeed have his father's tenacity. The fact that he has made it this far is proof enough of that.

End of log entry.

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