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Brigadier K'mak
Brigadier K'mak of the house of qabSan has loyally served the Empire for 15 years.

He began his career serving in relative obscurity along the Romulan border aboard the I.K.S. pIlmoH, before his assignment as a gunner to the I.K.S. ram'a' on patrol near the Tholian border in 1653 IR.

During his initial term of service aboard the ram'a', K'mak served with distinction, earning a position as Forward Gunner. In the midst of the tegh poqet Crisis in 1655, an explosion killed the captain and first officer of the ram'a' and sealed off the bridge from the rest of the ship during the major engagement of the conflict. K'mak, being the most senior officer on the bridge seized command while the second officer, who had been in engineering at the time, and a damage control party attempted to cut through the blockage. By the time the second officer made it on the bridge, K'mak had already crippled the Tholian Cruiser that had engaged them. K'mak dutifully relinquished command to his superior and returned to his post as gunner. After the battle the second officer recommended that K'mak be awarded the Token of the Mek'leth, one of the highest awards given to a junior grade officer. It was this recommendation that brought the young warrior to the attention of General Chang's Academy Recruiters.

K'mak attended the Academy from 1654 to 1656, graduating first in his class.

Captain K'mak was attached to the Qabjech Exploratory Fleet, which aimed towards extending the Empire's holdings towards the galactic rim in the Beta quadrant. The mission was fraught with difficulties, including numerous armed engagements with Romulan exploration groups (1657 and 1659) and the border defenses of the then unknown extents of Sha'kurian space (1659 and 1661). Losses to the Qabjech Fleet were very high, yet despite the difficulties the mission added sizeable numbers of systems to the Empire and brought in much needed resources. All would have been a total loss but for the actions of Captain K'mak and the valiant crew of his ship. Upon the mission's return in 1661 K'mak was promoted to Brigadier and was offered a post at the Academy. K'mak has been a favored instructor at the Academy from 1661 until the present.

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