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General Chang
The General has served in the KDF for nearly 75 years and has been decorated dozens of times for his actions in virtually every significant armed conflict in the Empire since his service began in 1588 Imperial Reckoning (IR).

Chang served gallantly aboard the I.K.S. naQjej during the first of our numerous conflicts with the Federation after their initial invasion of our space in 1593 IR, eventually becoming First Officer of the naQjej under the command of Lorak son of B'kol.

In 1600 elements of the tlhoq pagh Assault Fleet encountered forces of the Romulan Star Empire for the first time, near what is now known as the N'derial system. It was not long afterwards that open hostilities were declared with the treacherous Romulans. Chang, now commanding his own starship in Lorak's vaunted Hegh yan Strike Fleet, fought brilliantly earning several commendations for his string of victories in the N'derial campaign.

For the next 10 years, Captain Chang served in securing the borders of the Empire against further Romulan aggression, eventually commanding the Hegh yan Strike Fleet when Lorak gained a seat on the High Council. In 1615, trouble again began surfacing on the Federation border but Dugh'naS, commander of the gho'vaD Defense Fleet, bungled the initial engagements, jeopardizing the Empire's interests in the sector. Chang and the Hegh yan Strike Fleet were moved to the trouble area and in a coordinated effort with the remnants of the gho'vaD, now under the command of Colonel Koord, fought the Federation to a standstill with the final battle taking place near Sherman's Planet in 1617.

Chang and Koord, at the recommendation of Council Member Lorak, were promoted to the rank of General. Koord went on to a brilliant career of his own and Chang was placed in charge of the defense of the Empire's border with the Federation. Over the next 19 years the border maintained its stability and the Empire went through a period of quiet. In 1636, Lorak became Chancellor of the High Council, appointing General Chang as his Military Advisor. In 1642, Lorak ordered a program of expansion on the Federation border, dramatically heightening the tensions with the Federation and bringing the Empire the closest to a total war with Starfleet it has ever seen. Chang amassed a sizeable amount of the Imperial Navy on the border and drew up plans to begin a massive thrust into Federation territory. The General was on the verge of launching the offensive when the hated Organians imposed their Peace Treaty upon us due to the actions of one Captain James T. Kirk.

In 1645 the chuDegh Offensive, a series of large skirmishes along the Romulan border, resulted in spectacular losses and the secession of several contested worlds to the Romulans. Seeing this as a sign of a larger problems, Chancellor Lorak launched an investigation into the situation and concluded that a lack of quality starship captains resulted in the humiliating defeats at the hands of the Romulans. At the behest of Chief of Staff Gorkon, the Chancellor proposed the creation of a centralized facility to train the most talented and capable officers as starship captains. No Klingon in the Empire was more qualified to bring this Academy to life than General Chang, but the General refused citing his need to remain an active part maintaining the defenses of the Federation border. Eventually, after some convincing by Chief of Staff Gorkon, Chang relented. Finally, in 1648 IR, General Chang founded the Elite Command Academy and began using it to train the next generation of starship captains in the tradition of the finest warriors of the Empire. Chang has been instructing at the Academy on Qo'noS and maintaining his position as Military Advisor as well from 1648 until the present day.

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