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Commander Thok Mak
Commander Thok Mak has only been serving in the Imperial Navy for 10 years, the shortest career of all the instructors at the academy.

The Commander entered the service in 1656 IR aboard the training cruiser IKS ghuv. While aboard the ghuv, Thok Mak displayed a talent for organization and leadership, which quickly earned him a position as First Officer. Thok Mak transferred as a replacement to the IKS yay, attached to the orghenya Hegh Assault Fleet under direct command of Dahar Master Kor during the ghoch SeH Campaign against the Gorn in 1660. Thok Mak was present at several strategic planning sessions as an aide to his commanding officer, Captain qu'eygh. It was here that Thok Mak's other remarkable talent surfaced.

During the sessions Thok Mak noticed a pattern to the Gorn troop dispersal and predicted that the Gorn would make a multi-pronged strike against several key strategic points while the Klingons would be busy attacking what was perceived as a weakness in the Gorn lines. Thok Mak pointed this information out to his captain, who then brought it to the table. Several of the commanders scoffed at the idea when the weakness in the Gorn defenses was plain for all to see. At this point, Captain qu'eygh stated that it was in actuality his First Officer's observation. Two of the assembled commanders began to chastise Thok Mak for speaking out of place when Dahar Master Kor, who'd been silent throughout the argument, finally spoke up. The Dahar Master agreed with Thok Mak's strategic assessment of the situation, silencing all the gathered officers there. The Dahar Master bade the young First Officer to continue with his analysis of the situation. Several hours later, Kor and Thok Mak had formulated a response to the Gorn plan, which resulted in a swift victory with minimal losses. Kor recommended Thok Mak to the Academy, and Thok Mak was accepted.

Thok Mak attended the academy from 1661 to 1662, and so impressed General Chang with his strategic skill that he was offered a post as instructor at the Academy immediately upon graduation, which had never been done before or since. Thok Mak accepted and has been an instructor from 1662 until present.

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