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"Rejoice, Trekkers! Rejoice, adventure fans! Activision appears to have successfully bred the Star Trek: Next Generation world with graphic adventure and action elements…and the baby is a cutie!" - GameProWorld

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Star Trek: Hidden Evil has shipped and should be available now in most retail stores! Prices are set at $29.99 for the standard edition, and the special Collector's Edition is available for $39.99!

"Star Trek: Hidden Evil has all the right ingredients for an intruiging and compelling adventure." - GameSpot

"It's visually polished, easy to learn to play, and segmented into enjoyable little mini-adventure levels." - GameSlice

Quotes and Praise from nationwide Beta-Testers!

"The Story line is very well written ... I REALLY enjoyed the game and had a blast playing it, thanks for giving me the opportunity :)" - T.A., Medford, WI

"I have played Hidden Evil for two days and it looks very good. The graphics are extremely impressive. I found the game to be challenging, but not excessively difficult. The story line was cohesive and very enjoyable. I have already recommended this game to several friends." - K.G., Santa Cruz, CA

"Congratulations, it would seem that you have finally broken the curse of the Trek game franchise! The smoothness of the graphics in-game-play is truly amazing ..." - S.McN., Bakersfield, CA

"Overall a good game... Anyone who likes Star Trek will definitely buy this game..." - F.M., Galesburg, IL

"... the missions keep getting better and better! With each new mission, the stakes get higher and the events more fascinating. It's a really neat touch that keeps your attention riveted." - L.P., San Marino, CA

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Window 95/98
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